General Characteristics and Classification of Pysanka Painting Complex of Sources

Keywords: pysanka, pysanka painting, classification, type of sources, kind of sources, the historiography of pysanka, historiographic source


The paper deals with the classification of the source complex of pysanka painting (Pysankarstvo). The main research base and at the same time historiography are the ethnographic materials of the late 19th – and early 21st cent., archival documents, contemporary literature on the subject, publications of Ukrainian and foreign researchers, fund, archival and handwritten documents, linguistic materials containing references to pysankas, researches, related to ethno-regions, materials of scientific conferences, field researches, and specialized journals.

The classification itself is presented. Attention is paid to groups and types of pysanka painting sources characterization. The originality of the sources, which serve as the basis for its study, is researched.

Thus, the materials of the handwritten funds make it possible to distinguish among them the following sources: epistolary, printed, illustrative, and manuscripts, which greatly enriches the source studying base of Ukrainian pysanka painting of the late 19th – and early 21st centuries. Each of these groups deserves separate analysis and description.

Among the generalizing researches there many publications in which pysanka and pysanka painting are examined from the art-study side.

Specialized and popular scientific magazines cover both regional peculiarities of Easter eggs painting and materials of museum collections, information about the famous pysanka-painters in Ukraine.

The group of sources, connected with dissertation researches of the scholars on various themes in history, ethnography, art studies, pedagogy, etc. is rather limited.

Today, in the study of pysanka painting, one more group of sources can be identified – training and methodological learner’s guides, handbooks, workbooks for pupils of junior and middle school age.

Many materials about pysanka have been published by the representatives of Ukrainian Diaspora in the foreign press, and describe the development of research on pysanka painting outside Ukraine.

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