Ports of the North-Western Black Sea Coast in the XV-XVIII Centuries

  • Andriy Krasnozhon Южноукраинский национальный педагогический университет имени К.Д. Ушинского https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2215-8429
Keywords: Akkmerman, Kiliya, Ochakiv, Pirgaz Konman, Bogaz-Konman, Evliya Çelebi, the Cumans, Bilhorod on the Dniester River


Sea trading posts on the North-Western Black Sea coast of the XV-XVIII centuries. (until 1794) existed only in two places: in Kachubey (modern Odessa Bay) and near Bilhorod, close to the Tsargrad mouth of the Dniester Liman. Bilhorod sea wharf existed only in the first quarter of the XV century. Most likely that there was partly-sheltered anchorage for ships near it. In the Ottoman Period it was not mentioned. Some researchers call this wharf «Cetatea Alba medieval seaport» and associate it with the Ottoman fortress Bogaz-Konman, as well as the Turkish redoubt of the 1760's that was built in this river mouth. This version is criticized by the fact that Evliya Çelebi did not mention the fortress Bogaz-Konman. There is no such place name in his creative work.

The reason is in essential mistakes of the Soviet edition of his «Book of Travel», published in 1961. The latest complete scientific publication of the Seyāhat-nāme in Turkish makes it possible to see that Turkish Akkerman had another name, Greek – Pirgaz Konman. In these passages attracts attention the name of «king» Salsal with the family name Konman, who among locals was mentioned as the founder of Akkerman, in his archaic name – Pirgaz Konman. Therefore, it is naturally to use the same laqab both in the name of this character and in the name of the town founded by him. Konman – sounds similar to the word Cuman. According to archaeological data, the town appeared not until the end of the XIII century and had clearly marked Horde view. Bilhorod belonged to the Tatars until the third quarter of the XIV century. It is possible that the local legend, written by Çelebi, about someone named Salsal, the leader of the Cumans, who founded Bilhorod (Pirgaz), had a real basis. At the same time, if the name Salsal could become a product of human imagination, then the nickname Konman is backed up historically.

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