Famous Figures of the Arkas

Keywords: Arkas, biographical portrait, South of Ukraine, Mykolaiv


Among the peoples directly involved in the development of the South of Ukraine, one of the most important places take the Greeks. Having assimilated successfully in the Russian Empire, which included the South of Ukrainian at that time, they formed a stratum of ethnic and social-cultural elite of Ukraine, without losing at the same time the uniqueness and identity of their national identity. Among such families, the Arkas take a respectable place, some representatives of which made a significant contribution to the development of our statehood.

The paper deals with the history of Arkas family. Through the review of biographical portraits of Arkas family, the opportunity to restore the history of our country is given, and just through the prism of personality of the family representative we can discover the era, views and beliefs, the philosophy of life and values. The achievements and services of Arkas family to Ukraine were invaluable, since all its representatives proved themselves to be active members of the Ukrainian national and cultural process. It is noted that because of their high moral qualities, professionalism and full dedication to the chosen occupation, responsibility and decency, they took a proper place in the history of Mykolaiv and Ukraine as a whole. Each generation of this family represented a person who participated in the historical processes of the XIX-XX centuries.

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