Causes of Conflicts between Parish Priests of Pyriatyn Protopopia in the second half of the 18th century

Keywords: conflict, Kyiv metropoly, parish, Pyriatyn protopopia, priest


The conflict situations between parish priests of Pyriatyn protopopia in the second half of the 18th century are analyzed in the paper. The sources of the research are the materials of the Pyriatyn Clerical Board, which are stored in the State Archives of Poltava Region. Clerical Boards acted under the control of their spiritual leaders (protopopes) and they considered the disputes that arose among the parish clergy. We have found 58 cases that documented the situations when the priests had conflicts with each other.

They concern 72 priests, representing 32.3% of the total number of priests who patronized the protopopia in the studied period. Such rates indicate that conflicts were rather common in the life of the priests of Pyriatyn protopopia in the second half of the 18th century.

The vast majority of conflicts was connected with the «professional» activities of the pastors. They make up 72% of the total number of cases and include disputes regarding the performing of the sacraments and ceremonies to persons of not their parish, allocation of profits and the breach of succession during the divine service. In 41 of 58 cases, such as the performing of the sacraments and ceremonies to persons of not their parish (19 cases), allocation of church profits (18 cases), nonpayment of debt (3 cases), theft (1 case), priest's material claims to each other were concerned. Thus, we can conclude that the main source of controversies between the local priests were material claims arising during the performing of their pastoral duties.

The majority of conflicts were followed by the use of abusive vocabulary, and often physical violence. Beating and insults on the basis of personal animosity (21% of the total number of cases) were of common occurrence among the parish priests of the protopopia. As a rule, such conflicts arose during joint events involving priests of several churches. In the main, priests used the commonly used bad language, however, in some cases, quite real deeds are described.


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