The Peasantry of Uman County in the Revolutionary Events of 1905-1907

Keywords: peasantry, strikes, lack of land, arsons, proclamation, Uman county


The participation of Uman county peasantry in the revolutionary events of 1905-1907 is analyzed in the paper. Striking examples of peasant unrest in Uman region are presented, namely, agrarian strikes of seasonal agricultural workers, the main requirement of which was the increase of the payment for daily work; attacks on the estates and their arson, which became a common, mass occurrence; seizure of landowners’ estates and forests, with requirements for sharing of those lands among peasants; resistance to authorities.

A decrease in the peasant's demand for land purchase in the hope of obtaining it for free is indicated. It is noted that the catalyst of peasant unrest often became all kinds of rumors heightening with propaganda literature. As an example, the protests of Maidanetske village residents are described, which were provoked by rumors about the unreliability of the local priest’s words at the meeting of landowners and ended with wreck and ruin of two plants. The «special» attitude towards the peasant as a subject of crime is stressed. From the materials of the investigations, it has been revealed that a prominent role in the peasantry protest mood in Uman county was played by proclamations.

The author examines the appeals of the peasants-delegates of Uman county to Kyiv Provincial Board, which raised questions about scanty land plots, church lands, overpricing of land rent and purchase, injustice and inactivity of the judicial system, education, etc. It is stated that for the peasants the main controversial issue was the land, and the confirmation of which there was a huge number of complaints and claims, the dispositions of which were mostly not in their favor, the appeals were found to be baseless or were not taken cognizance at all.


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