Legislative Regulation and Control Mechanisms of the Public Associations of Ukraine Activities by Bilshovyk Authorities in the first half of the 1920s

Keywords: public associations, totalitarian system, Soviet power, legislation, Ukrainian SSR


The key factors of establishing the Bilshovyk monopoly in the social and public sphere are analyzed. The role of state power and punitive institutions in establishing the absolute rule of Party members in the public sphere is clarified. As a result, the legal dependence of public organizations was determined by the solely licencing system for their creation and activities. The attention is focused on the policy of subordinating public organizations to the Bilshovyk authorities, which was aimed at strengthening the influence on the society and control of the behavior of even its individual members.

The mechanisms of legal regulation of the non-state social sector are shown. Their key factor was that almost all legislative and regulatory norms, including those related to regulating the Ukrainian SSR public associations activities, were based on the decisions of the central organs of Soviet power, initially the Russian Federation, and then the USSR. The automatic introduction of all-Russian norms into Ukrainian legislation was a conventional phenomenon. Thus, the monopoly of the ruling All-Russian Communist Party in all spheres of life of other republics and integrating socio-political organizations directly into the system of Soviet state power was legally secured.

It is proved that the main objective of the established legislative norms in the field of public associations functioning was the exercise by the ruling regime of control over their activities, and the involvement of their representatives in the formation of the Soviet state apparatus.


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