Some Aspects of the State of Agriculture in the South of Ukraine in the 60s of the 20th century

Keywords: collective farms, state farms, mechanization, electrification, patronage assistance, socialist emulations


The paper uncovers certain aspects of the development of agriculture in the South of the USSR in the 1960s, namely in Mykolaiv, Odesa and Kherson Regions. The development of the agrarian sector is studied in the context of reforming the collective farms and transforming them into state farms. Based on the sources, the dynamics of reduction of their number in Mykolaiv, Odesa and Kherson Regions is presented. The attempts to improve the work in agriculture, with the assistance of such phenomena as patronage assistance and socialist emulations, are analyzed. Positive and negative effects of the above-mentioned phenomena are shown, for example, the use of citizens from other fields of the national economy, caused the partial loss of the harvest, and the fact that urban specialists were engaged in unskilled work. Not economic forms that artificially created the rush on so-called socialist emulations between state enterprises and individuals were applied.

The author, relying on the declared directive plans and the results of reforms, compares the dynamics of electrification and mechanization of production in the period of 1960-1970. The task of providing electricity to the countryside in order to save human resources is researched. The issues of increasing the percentage of mechanization of works on livestock farms, in collective farms and state farms are highlighted. The statistical indicators of mechanization of most processes in agriculture are given. An increase in the number of farming machines and major types of machinery is considered. Some shortcomings and faults made in the planning of agricultural machinery production are revealed.


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