The Place of the Zionist Movement in the Correspondence of the Diplomatic Mission of Spain in Turkey (1920)

Keywords: Juan Sevent, Zionist movement, Constantinople, Sephardi Jews


The development of the Zionist movement in Turkey after the First World War and the attitude of a Spanish diplomat in Turkey, Juan Sevent to it, are studied in the paper. The author analyzes the ambassador's advice to the Spain leadership of the response to the mentioned international processes. The attempt is made to insert the development of Zionism in Palestine into the general tendencies of international relations of that time.

The relevance of the paper is determined by the importance of the Zionist movement effects after the Second World War and the lack of such scientific researches in Ukrainian historiography.

The goal of the paper is to study the role of the Zionist movement and Sephardi Jews for the Spanish interests in the Middle East in correspondence between Juan Sevent and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

The author shows Juan Sevent’s point of view on the opportunities of the Zionist movement and its prospects after the First World War.

We came to the conclusion that the recommendations made by the Spanish member of the diplomatic mission to his leadership on the development of the Zionist movement consisted in Spain joining the supporting of the Zionist movement and Sephardi Jews in the Middle East and in Palestine as well. A separate aspect, on which the Spanish diplomat stopped in detail in his letter to the Spanish Government, concerned the housing conditions of Sephardi Jews in the Middle East. In particular, the question arose about the language, that is, the difference between the Sephardi dialect, the Castilian Spanish and Spanish in Latin America, and it was emphasized that the language should not be an obstacle to the establishment and strengthening of economic and financial relations between the Jews and the countries they represented.


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World History and International Relations