Serbia-Croatia Relations in the 90s of the 20th – 21st century

Keywords: Serbs, Croats, relations, war, genocide, EU


The state and problems of Serbia-Croatia relations development at the present stage, taking into account their historical past, are disclosed in the paper.

The reasons and consequences of the aggravation of those relations in the 90s of the 20th century are analyzed, among them: the different attitude of the Serbs and Croats to the existence of the SFRY; state-building processes in Croatia during the collapse of Yugoslavia; the intensification of Croatian and Serbian nationalism, etc.

Positive steps taken to normalize relations between the two peoples in the twenty-first century are pointed out, and in both republics, they are mainly connected with European integration processes, an attempt of both states to reconcile and to solve the serious problems of the last two decades.

The positions of Croatia in a number of international issues coincide with the official decisions of the EU (recognition of Kosovo, sanctions against the Russian Federation, etc.), while Serbia does not support such decisions. A few bilateral issues of relations with Croatia, requiring a serious bipartite dialogue, complicate the process of Serbia's joining the EU.

The tension and difficulties between the two countries can be observed even now (due to the remembrances of Serbian genocide during the Second World War, the events of 1991-1995, the religious factor, and the unresolved problems of the last two decades).


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