Establishing and Development of Ukraine-Poland Relations in the Geopolitical Space at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 21st century

Keywords: Ukraine, the Republic of Poland, relations, cooperation, foreign policy


The issues of international cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland are considered; the trends of diplomatic interaction between them are generalized and the principles of establishing good-neighborly relations between these two states are grounded.

It is found out that the Ukraine-Poland relations, which has become strategic partnerships, were establishing gradually, in accordance with national interests and challenges of the modern world order.

It is shown that political component becomes of paramount importance in the process of the new model of relations between Ukraine and Poland developing. The intensity of political relations is ensured at the diplomatic, intergovernmental, inter-parliamentary levels, in contacts between the Presidents and public associations. Development in the political sphere between the two countries began at the end of 1991. On January 4, 1992, diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland were established. Further steps in the deepening of interstate relations were official visits of states representatives consolidating the equality of partnership. It is emphasized on the dynamism, and progress of the Ukraine-Poland interaction due to the concurrence of the political interests of the neighboring states, their deep historical and cultural ties. Despite the complexity of modern Ukraine-Poland relations, their positive dynamics persist, and taking into account the uniformity of the strategies of Ukraine and Poland, it depends, to a large extent, on the preservation and strengthening of political contacts, political dialogue, and the success of the reform policy in Ukraine.

It is determined that the economic relations concerning the realization of the geoeconomic potential of both states occupy a prominent place in the general format of Ukraine-Poland cooperation. In this respect, external economic relations are being built on two main levels: the improvement of the forms of cooperation, their modernization and participation in the integration processes. The formation of a new model of Ukraine-Poland economic relations implies their intensification as a means of supporting national economies and focus on joining the European-world community, maximizing the benefits of economic globalization. In addition, it is proved that the security and defense issue takes more and more priority in Ukraine-Poland cooperation.


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