Soviet Historiography of the Socio-Economic Development of South-Eastern Rus in the 12th – first half of the 13th century

Keywords: Soviet historiography, South-Eastern Rus, socio-economic development, a period of appanage principalities, city, craft


In this paper the Soviet historiography of the socio-economic development of South-Eastern Rus in the 12th – first half of the 13th century is considered. Despite the lack of attention of contemporary scholars to this problem, the theme is relevant and rich in ambiguous interpretations of source materials. The analysis of the research works of the period from the 20s to the 80s of the 20th century which were relevant at that time and are still important today have been carried out. The author has found out that the works of that time were characterized by the systematization of previous achievements, the thorough processing of new archaeological sources, the refutation of imperial historiography false conclusions, the discovery of new areas of research, and the fundamental approach.

The achievements of the Soviet historical and archaeological science in the study of the economic history of South-Eastern Rus in the period of appanage principalities are indisputable. Historians’ discussions about the level of its socio-economic development have become the things of the past and today they are mainly of historiographical interest. It is concluded that the most significant scientific works on the history of Kyiv and the Middle Dnipro region are distinguished from all scientific heritage of the Soviet period. This is a two-volume edition «Ancient Kiev: Essays on the History of the Material Culture of this Ancient Russian City» by M. Karger, works by Ukrainian scholars V. Dovzhenko, M. Braychevsky, P. Tolochko, O. Motsya, and others. At the present stage of the national historical science, there is a decrease of attention to ancient Rus issues.


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