The Magazine of Ukrainian Emigration «Trident» as a Source of Study of Social and Cultural Processes and the Everyday Life in Ukraine under the Bilshovyks Authority (the 1920s)

Keywords: magazine, weekly magazine, social and cultural process, everyday life, Bilshovyks


A weekly magazine of Ukrainian emigration «Trident» as a source for studying social and cultural processes and everyday life in Ukraine under the Bilshovyks authority in the 20s of the 20th century is analyzed in the paper. It has been found out that the materials published in «Trident» were devoted to the problems of the life of Ukrainian emigration and related to social and political, ethnonational, historical, economic, and art issues. Materials of Ukrainian political and public figures, documents of the State Center of the UNR in exile, reviews, and chronicle were published in the magazine.

Most historians considered «Trident» in the life’s context of Ukrainian emigration, and not as an informative source about social and cultural processes in Ukraine under the Bilshovyks occupation. The objective of the paper is to prove that the magazine could be considered as a source for studying the everyday life of Ukrainians in the Ukrainian SSR, and social and cultural processes under the Bilshovyks occupation.

As a result of the study, it is possible to conclude that materials published on the pages of the weekly magazine «Trident» in the 20s of the 20th century could be considered as the sources for studying social and cultural processes, and everyday life in Ukraine under the Bilshovyks rule. The subject matters of the publications covered the various spheres of Ukrainian community life in the Ukrainian SSR. In particular, it was said about the development of culture; the formation of a person’s inner world, and its transformation under the influence of the life circumstances; person’s perception of reality; human interpretation of nature changes through the prism of social transformations; the relations between the city and the village in Ukraine; the situation in various strata of Ukrainian society. The main heads of «Trident» entitled «A Letter from Ukraine», «A Wind from Ukraine», contained interesting information, described by eyewitnesses of events in Ukraine. The main head «Chronicle» contained materials devoted to various cultural events in Ukraine, scientific achievements in the fields of linguistics, history, archeology, problems of conservation of architectural monuments, the functioning of cultural and educational institutions. On the pages of the weekly magazine «Trident» appeared analytical materials in which the authors critically highlighted the social and political processes in Ukraine in the 1920s.


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