Valentyna Krapivina and Exhibition ‘Treasures of Southern Ukraine’ in Mykolaiv

Keywords: V.V. Krapivina, popularization of archeological finds, exhibition project, Institute of Archeology of NASU, Mykolaiv Regional Art Museum


In the autumn of 1997, a large exhibition project ‘Treasures of Southern Ukraine’, organically combining aesthetic and informative components, was held in Mykolaiv, as the realization of Valentyna Volodymyrivna Krapivina and Valerii Anatoliiovych Karnaukh ideas.

The exhibition which took place in the premises of Mykolaiv Regional Art Museum named after V.V. Vereshchahin showed the materials of the Scientific Funds and the Archaeological Museum of the IA NASU and the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve ‘Olbia’. For two months the residents of Mykolaiv had an opportunity to get acquainted with archeological finds dated between the 25th century BCE (pit culture) and the 14th century CE, which uncovered various aspects of life and everyday activities of the ancient population of the South of Ukraine. Visitors of the exhibition were offered a number of printed products, in particular, popular science publications on the ancient history and culture of the southern Ukraine population written by leading Ukrainian archaeologists.

An international scientific conference was held within the framework of the exhibition, the admission to the meeting of which was free, so everyone was able not only to listen to the speeches of the scholars but also to communicate with them in person.

The exhibition ‘Treasures of Southern Ukraine’ was in fact the first public, very interesting and successful experience of popularizing directly in Ukraine not only ‘practical’ achievements in the form of finds-exhibits, but also scientific ones in the form of popular science publications texts and conference speeches of the Institute of Archeology of NASU scholars.


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