Streets of Archaic Borysthenes

Keywords: Borysthenes, Berezan settlement, Greek colonization of the Northern Black Sea coast, urban planning, street layout


The street layout of the archaic period of all the ancient urban centers of the Northern Black Sea region is best studied on the materials of Berezan settlement. At the same time, many settlement blocks are only partially open, and the total number of streets has not been found out. Therefore, it is offered to use conventional numbering of the opened longitudinal (latitudinal) avenues and transverse (meridional) streets, applying the letters of the Latin alphabet for settlement blocks in which bounds are reliably revealed from at least two sides. Berezan street layout, which originated around 540s BCE, has the signs of organized, simultaneous planning. But it was never strictly orthogonal.

The streets were paved with stones, limestone crumbs, and shards; in some cases, drains ran along them, which, however, were not integrated into one drainage system. Urban built-up area was generally oriented north-south, but in some areas, the planning layout had a marked shift to the southwest. Differences in the street orientation could be depended on the location of the ancient harbor or the public center of the archaic colony.


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