Social Portrait of Soviet Family

Keywords: living space, Soviet system, communist party, marriage, ideology, family


Everyday life history is not a new trend of modern historical research, but we have little research on the life and living space of the family. The topic of the paper covers the period of Soviet power domination in Ukrainian lands and (often) in the minds of Ukrainians.

The goal of the paper is to determine the peculiarities of the Soviet government family policy formation and the coexistence of private and public in the living space of Soviet families during the existence of the Soviet system.

A comparative analysis of the existence of Soviet families at different times of the Soviet system is given. Partial parallels are drawn between the traditional Ukrainian family in the pre-revolutionary period and family innovations in the Soviet period. The special importance of the role of the party, which often concerned the family and marriage life of a Soviet man, is pointed out.

Conclusions are made about the possibility of studying the codes and laws of the USSR, which concerned the family life of Soviet people, which in turn provide an opportunity to study in more detail the individual stories on the history of everyday life of almost all social classes in the USSR.

The memoirs, consecutively, reveal an invisible, and sometimes striking, difference in the life of the Soviet family within and outside the so-called collective.

Statistics and collections of documents provide a picture of marriages, divorces, and complaints to local authorities, which sometimes surprise with their content.

A generalized description of the position of Ukrainians as a common element of the Soviet people in the conditions of the Soviet system’s existence is given.

Scientific novelty: for the first time it is shown what role the statistical data along with memories play for a better description of the everyday life of Soviet family in the conditions of double standards of the Soviet society.


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