Political Activity of the Black Hundreds in Volyn Province in the early 20th century

Keywords: Volyn, social and political life, Black Hundreds, the State Duma, Jews


The paper analyzes the role of the Black Hundreds in aggravation of interethnic relations in Volyn province (gubernia) at the beginning of the 20th century on the basis of archival sources and the Black Hundreds press. That political structure did not operate independently but in the context of that time policy of Russian authorities. Therefore, anti-Jewish activity was fully supported by administrative authorities. The main centre of propaganda of that political group ideology was the Pochayiv Lavra, and its Archimandrite Vitaliy was the leader of the local Black Hundreds. After becoming a deputy of the Duma, he had not changed the vector of his political views.

An important role in the escalation of Volyn tension was played by the Orthodox clergy, which was one of the key leaders of the Black Hundreds movement. In their sermons, priests-members of the organization focused on discrediting Jews, Poles, German and Czech agrarian colonists.

The attempt to achieve a complete victory in the elections was caused by the effort to prevent the Polish Catholic landlords from participation in the work of the Duma. Such activities of the Black Hundreds in Volyn contributed to the intensification of inter-confessional and interethnic relations and was conducted with the support of the bodies of imperial power.

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