State Leadership Policy in the Field of Material and Technical Support of Ukrainian Village (60s-80s of the 20th century)

Keywords: Ukrainian village, USSR, material and technical support, agriculture, agrarian policy


The paper attempts to comprehensively uncover the policy of the Soviet leadership regarding the material and technical support of Ukrainian village under the intensification of the Ukrainian SSR agriculture in the 1960s – 80s. The main directions of the state policy are considered, and the achievements and faults of the government are emphasized. The author has set himself the goal to analyze the agrarian policy of the government in a certain period and to clarify its role in the intensification of agriculture.

The 60s-80s of the twentieth century became the period of adoption of a significant number of party-state decisions on various issues of village management and life. The agrarian sector of the economy was considered only as a supplier of agricultural products – food and raw materials. In fact, there was no rational, productive search for optimal forms of agricultural production organization. Throughout the whole history of totalitarianism, the key-note of the agrarian policy of the CPSU was the highest possible exploitation of the agricultural sector and its not equal, secondary position as compared with the industry.

It is concluded that during the 60s – 80s of the twentieth century the state had not managed to raise the social significance of peasant work. The implemented measures were of halved nature and were not supported by the necessary material factors. The agrarian policy of the Soviet state concerning the organization of agriculture was of a quite complicated character. But not positive was the fact that most of the directives did not find their materialization, were not implemented, and therefore, were ineffective, and did not bring a proper profit. The country's leadership showed its mismanagement concerning the problems of the village, the innovations did not work. The forced from above forms and methods of work did not meet the capabilities of the producers. The governmental decrees were issued without a prior scientific background, on the principle of «trial-and-error»: firstly a political decision was made, then something was tested in practice, and then all that was polished and adjusted to the required standards.

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